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What are the checks you can perform with Spine 3D?

The checks you can carry out are many, starting from the possibility of being able to refine an accurate diagnostic hypothesis (before undergoing an invasive examination, which may not be necessary or not suitable for a correct view of the problem).

You can check for scoliosis (a problem that occurs most frequently during puberty or the menopause), a curved back, a sloping pelvis or even severe osteoporosis. Of course you can also be checked after a very strong trauma (car accident or accident – private or at work), in case of suspected lithiasis or for particular cervical problems, examinations which usually take place by means of magnetic resonance imaging and which you can now carry out in the first instance in a non-invasive and completely safe manner.

Don't ignore your body's signal.

Remember, it is important to take care of our own health and that of our children. That’s why the advice is always to not neglect the signals our bodies send. A simple backache could conceal problems that if neglected could lead to unpleasant complications. A preventive examination not only helps us to define the problem, but also allows a specialist to make a correct diagnosis and perfect an effective improvement path.

Spine 3d was created with the desire to make your diagnostic pathway safe.

Spine 3d is a technology by Sensor Medica, a leader in the field, which has been working for years alongside the best specialists with the ability to design and produce innovative systems to expand the professional experience in the evaluation of posture and biomechanics of the human body.

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