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Non-invasive and safe scoliosis test

Do you have back pain? Do you want to have your baby examined for scoliosis? Are you pregnant and don’t want to undergo invasive checks? Do you afraid of radiological instruments? Are you recovering from an injury and need regular check-ups? Do you have a sedentary job and back pain is becoming more and more unbearable every day?

Spine 3D has arrived, an innovative, non-invasive, three-dimensional detection system. It allows an accurate assessment of the spine. As a result any reason of the back pain can be detected fast and easy.

Non-invasive technology

Safe and Accurate


Spine 3D is not a substitute for normal diagnostic imaging, but it is very useful for control or follow-up examinations. Because there is no such risk as a traditional radiological examination.

It is a tool suitable for everyone’s needs: children, pregnant mothers, sportsmen and women, and the frail. Accurate assesment of the spine and scoliosis has never been easier!

Why undergo a CT (Computed Axial Tomography) scan or an MRI when an initial assessment can be done non-invasively? Even a normal X-ray can sometimes be too much, if there is a different way to accurately “read” the state of our health.

Spine 3D is designed to meet your needs, so that you can carry out all the necessary checks in complete safety. Because checking your health should never be a problem, but a solution. And with the new Sensor Medica technology it is now easier and safer than ever.

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