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Pregnancy: back pain

During pregnancy, women experience a number of rather predictable discomforts. One of these is undoubtedly back pain, a pain that often manifests itself in a rather intense manner and that particularly affects the lower back, especially the lumbar region. But the pain may also radiate to the legs or involve the pelvic bones. In some cases, the discomfort can also …

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Back pain in pregnancy: useful advice on remedies and prevention

The period of pregnancy is very delicate and can generate annoying back pain. We have already discussed this in a previous introductory article, but today we are going to go into a little more detail and try to understand what remedies are available to relieve the pain and what we can do to prevent it. There is no doubt that …

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Back pain in pregnancy: when to see a doctor

In previous articles we have covered many aspects of back pain during pregnancy. And we have given you some useful advice on how to relieve the pain and prevent it. But how do we know when to see a doctor? Some people are overly apprehensive, while others neglect themselves a little too much. Well, in this case too, some advice …

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