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Back pain, between stress and posture

Often there are elements that we do not put in close correlation, but that greatly affect our physical condition. A backache, for example, not only can depend on posture problems (problems that we can in many cases recognize even with the naked eye), but also on situations of extreme stress, especially if poorly managed. Anxiety, even if it may seem …

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Back pain in children

It is not always easy to understand the signals children send us. Back pain should always alarm a parent, but sometimes the child may not show signs of pain, and sometimes the parent may dismiss it as a tantrum. In the long run, back pain can have several unpleasant effects, such as sleep (and behavior) problems and difficulty finding concentration …

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Back pain in pregnancy: useful advice on remedies and prevention

The period of pregnancy is very delicate and can generate annoying back pain. We have already discussed this in a previous introductory article, but today we are going to go into a little more detail and try to understand what remedies are available to relieve the pain and what we can do to prevent it. There is no doubt that …

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