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Smartphones: more and more back problems

How much time do kids spend with their eyes glued to a mobile phone or tablet? What does this mean for their backs? Normal worries for an apprehensive mother, but nowadays they are also echoed by specialists in the field, who are sounding the alarm for children’s health. Recent sources (ISTAT data) confirm that over 300,000 young people (up to …

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Children go back to school. How much does their backpack weigh?

September is the month of restarts. For everyday life, it is like a second month of January. And the most important event of this period is the return to school. All over the world millions of children, of young people, are ready to resume their studies. Loaded with enthusiasm, with expectations. But also laden with worries. Worries also about health. …

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Back pain in children

It is not always easy to understand the signals children send us. Back pain should always alarm a parent, but sometimes the child may not show signs of pain, and sometimes the parent may dismiss it as a tantrum. In the long run, back pain can have several unpleasant effects, such as sleep (and behavior) problems and difficulty finding concentration …

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