Spine 3D

Spine 3D on TV2000 in the programme “Il mio medico”.

The novelty of the Spine3d technology is involving an increasing number of medical specialists, and has even attracted the attention of the specialised media. On 24 February, a new episode of the programme “Il mio medico” (TV2000 broadcaster) aired live, and viewers were able to appreciate the effectiveness of the instrumentation that was created not only to help specialists in …

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Spine 3d: for the health of your patients

When we thought of an innovative product like Spine 3d, we started from a very simple premise, and one that we all know very well: the patient’s health is a primary asset that we must protect in the most absolute way. Obviously, it is a rather obvious fact, every action triggers a cause-and-effect mechanism and very often even the intervention …

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