Spine 3d: for the health of your patients

When we thought of an innovative product like Spine 3d, we started from a very simple premise, and one that we all know very well: the patient’s health is a primary asset that we must protect in the most absolute way. Obviously, it is a rather obvious fact, every action triggers a cause-and-effect mechanism and very often even the intervention of the doctor or specialist can only be invasive. To overcome the obstacle, to go further and find a solution. But the step that leads us to the result can often be unpleasant or have unavoidable consequences. That’s why we have gone further and thought of a tool that can be of support to all specialists and at the same time be safe and non-invasive in the most absolute way.

Sensor Medica’s Spine 3D was born precisely with the desire to offer an instrument capable of performing detailed analyses without shaking the patient’s fragile equilibrium. An instrument that, in the hands of specialised technicians such as orthopaedists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, can be of support in the delicate diagnostic pathway. A non-invasive instrument that can support the doctor in an absolutely safe way.

Spine 3D does not replace normal diagnostic imaging, but is very useful for control or follow-up examinations. Spine 3D is designed to meet your needs, so that you can perform the necessary checks in complete safety for your patients. Because monitoring your health should never be a problem, but a solution. And with the new Sensor Medica technology it is now easier and safer than ever before.

What are the checks you can perform with Spine 3d?

There are many checks you can perform, starting with the possibility of being able to refine an accurate diagnostic hypothesis (before undergoing an invasive examination, which may not be necessary or not suitable for a correct view of the problem).

You can perform recurrent check-ups for patients suffering from scoliosis, a curved back, you can monitor a tilted pelvis or even severe osteoporosis. Patients who need continuous check-ups after an accident or work-related injury can go to the specialist with greater peace of mind. With Spine 3d, you can now non-invasively and completely safely perform your patients’ first examinations for suspected lithiasis or for particular cervical problems, examinations that – as you know – are usually performed by MRI.

Spine 3d is the tool designed for your patients’ health. Asking for information is simple. Contact us and we will explain everything in detail.

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