Children go back to school. How much does their backpack weigh?

September is the month of restarts. For everyday life, it is like a second month of January. And the most important event of this period is the return to school. All over the world millions of children, of young people, are ready to resume their studies. Loaded with enthusiasm, with expectations. But also laden with worries.

Worries also about health. Here, to be honest, the biggest worry is that of the parents. Mainly because – this is a discussion that has been going on for decades now – our children are carrying incredibly heavy backpacks on their shoulders. What does this enormous load mean for our children’s health? Can it be harmful? Can it result in something?

The answer is simple: yes. A backpack that is too heavy can damage our child’s health, so there are some cautions to consider.

How can we tell if our child’s backpack is too heavy?

But how can we tell if our child’s backpack is too heavy? The first check is very simple: by observing our child. A backpack that is too heavy will make him move badly, make his back bend, he will walk with difficulty. With a little attention, we can easily tell. But if we want to be 100% sure, there are some indications that come directly from the Ministry of Health. A backpack must not weigh more than 10-15% of the child’s weight. The calculation is very simple. If our child weighs 50 kg, the backpack should weigh no more than 5-7.5 kg. It is not recommended to go beyond that.

Of course posture is also important, the tools he has at school, comfortable and ergonomic chairs, desks of the right height, but… we cannot always control everything. The weight of the backpack, on the other hand, is something that is within our competence and we can certainly do something to help our child’s development.

Of course, for any problem, never rely on general information, bar talk, the various ‘I heard that…’. Consult a specialist and have your child’s back checked, so that you can be sure that everything is OK and that he or she can proceed on his or her growth path without difficulty.

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