Returning to the office and posture problems

Office work generates physical problems mainly related to posture, pains that emerge slowly, but which can become chronic and cause us quite a few problems. Many of us took a rest in August and now start working full-time again. Are we ready to spend hours and hours in the office, sitting in front of a computer, without returning home with back pain, neck pain, and sore shoulders? After all, everyone, at least once in their life, has experienced the boredom of a bad backache. Let’s see how we can protect our health with a few tips.

Sitting is not always a sign of comfort

Constantly sitting is not relaxing, quite the contrary. It promotes physical deconditioning and negatively affects the health of the spinal column. And everyone who works in an office knows what we are talking about. What does long hours sitting at a desk entail? The most frequent pains are those in the neck and lumbar region, the most stressed areas.

An ergonomic support and the possibility of lying down from time to time, to relieve tension and recover the physiological curves of the spinal column and the correct posture of the torso, becomes indispensable. After all, it is precisely the compensation postures that generate pain in the long term.

The work surface must also meet precise requirements. It must have the right height to allow the forearms to be flexed at 90° and rest about 5/10 cm on the table top. The chair should be of good quality (never skimp on health), ergonomic, possibly with lumbar support and the possibility of adjusting the height to ensure correct leg flexion (90 degrees) and feet firmly on the floor.

There are many rules (the specifications state every specification) for the correct position of the monitor: about 60 cm from the eyes and placed in a position that allows the head to be kept straight without bending the neck and back.

A little movement, for great benefits

And remember: never be completely static, relax your shoulders, make small movements every now and then to relax your muscles. If you can, stand up to stretch your legs and make sure that your back muscles do not become too stiff. Yeah, said like that, it sounds simple, but we are enraptured by automatisms. Well, now that you are back in the office after your holiday, try to keep all this in mind. Some benefit is guaranteed.

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