Summer and back pain

Pain is very often associated with winter, with cold. But this is not always the case. Very often it is during the warmer times of the year that certain pains are accentuated. Even back pain. It is no coincidence that low back pain increases precisely in the summer. The causes, of course, are many, but they can all be traced back to the heat. The list is long, but many of these causes you can well imagine. First and foremost, we have the temperature changes (the use of air conditioners brings relief, but also many problems); and the other ‘enemy’ of our health are the blasts of air, especially when we are hot or sweaty after a long walk or some physical activity.

It may seem strange, but even opting for more comfortable footwear (beach slippers, flip-flops, light shoes) does not do our backs a great favour, because they are not ideal for posture and cannot adequately manage our body weight. The sea however (or the swimming pool) makes us think of days of just relaxing. This is not so for our bodies, because hours and hours lying on a sunbed is not the best thing for our backs. Try not to sit too still, relaxation is fine, but a nice walk will help you solve many problems.

Summer is also that time of year when many people become sporty. Jogging in the pine forest or by the sea. But always be very careful, because those who are not trained and do not have ‘ready’ muscles will put abnormal strain on their lower back and abdominal area. This is how a little training can quickly turn into annoying back pain. When the muscles are not well trained, there is a tendency to overload the joint structures of the spine, resulting in micro-trauma to the intervertebral discs. This problem is especially pronounced in those who are no longer very young. The risk? Muscle contractures or herniated discs. The secret is regularity, training maybe a little, but well, throughout the year.
Summer also sees an increase in team sports. And most of the time the ‘players’ are improvised, lacking regular training. Socialising is fine, but our backs (and others) do not like these sudden (and badly managed) overexcitations. Five-a-side football, basketball, padel, beach volleyball… it’s all great fun, until the pain arrives. Take care: don’t overdo it. It’s not just your back that will demand the bill, but often your knees and ankles too.

We have to take care of our bodies, even when we are having fun. But we know, it is inevitable, pains can come. Stop as soon as you feel something is wrong, don’t overdo it. And always remember that today, for the health of your back, there is the possibility of non-invasive checks, in complete safety, thanks to the LiDar technology used by Spine 3d.

Summer is coming. The heat is already here. Your back is precious. Take care of yourself.


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