Spine 3d: the opinions of specialists

The Spine 3D technology was conceived and developed not only to simplify the work of specialists, but above all to provide the end user with a tool capable of performing non-invasive medical examinations in complete safety. Our aim was precisely this: to provide tools for professionals in order to provide a safe and reliable service that benefits those who need it most, the patient.

Today, thanks to the technology we have developed, check-ups during pregnancy, or the constant visits we have to make to our child with scoliosis, to name but two of the most obvious problems, are no longer a cause for concern. The non-invasive system allows us to carry out analyses in complete peace of mind, the first step towards a serenity that is a fundamental element of our healing process.

In these days we are very pleased to note the testimony of a specialist, Dr. Pierpaolo Menchetti, specialist in orthopaedics and traumatology at the Rome American Hospital and the Centro Diagnostico Ostiense. The professor talks about Spine 3D and summarises its main features, clearly highlighting the advantages and safety of the system used. The video, which is also at the bottom of this article, can be found on the YouTube channel HCIR – A new way of doing healthcare.

The formal recognition of professionals in the sector is our greatest success, and we would like to thank Professor Menchetti here too. We are always available for any information. Feel free to contact us and one of our technicians will respond to you as soon as possible. Spine 3d was created for YOUR safety. It is never late to think about your health.

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