Back pain, between stress and posture

Often there are elements that we do not put in close correlation, but that greatly affect our physical condition. A backache, for example, not only can depend on posture problems (problems that we can in many cases recognize even with the naked eye), but also on situations of extreme stress, especially if poorly managed. Anxiety, even if it may seem strange, can cause a strong imbalance in the emotional aspect and many physical pains also depend on this.

Back pain is the result of multiple causes

The curvatures of the spine allow small movements that make it possible for the column to adapt to precise postural adjustments. In addition, the column is formed by the overlapping of vertebrae that are hollow in the center. The result is a tube, which is much stronger than a solid column.

Although our spine is structured to allow for small adaptive movements (and postural adjustments), we don’t always manage to adopt correct positions. Especially when the muscles in tension remain in the same position for a very long time our postural balance is altered and the most obvious result is the onset of various pains. Obviously only a specialist who knows well the anatomy of the spine can relate all these elements, so the advice is always not to improvise anything, since there are people who study a lifetime to help you in this!

But as we anticipated, there are other factors, at first glance unthinkable, that can affect back pain, such as precisely stress. In another article on back pain in children we have already pointed out how pain can be psychological in nature and therefore attention should not be focused entirely on the body, especially when examinations do not show anything specific.

In people suffering from somatic pain and back pain, a direct correlation has been shown between the onset of pain and particular conditions of psychosocial stress. Tension and stress, therefore, can directly affect the spine. Hence, back pain!

But how can we tell if the pain is psychophysical in nature?

How can we tell when pain is caused by a psychophysical problem? It’s certainly not easy to draw a clear line between stress-related problems and problems of a postural nature. The lumbar spine is definitely one of the key areas. Many students report back pain after taking a particularly difficult exam. Stress or posture? Another very sensitive point, the crossroads between these two causes and the point that in jargon we call “cross of the neck”, the crucial point where the cervical intersects the line of the shoulders and that generates problems not indifferent to many people.

The best answer is a specialist check-up

As always, our advice is not to neglect any pain, because only an accurate check-up can give us the right answers, can tell us how to solve and how to prevent. Especially today, thanks to the new non-invasive technology Spine 3d that allows us to perform checks without having to worry about safeguarding our health. In complete safety, in the hands of a specialist. For our health, a guarantee.


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