Postural gymnastics to protect your back

In many cases – not all, mind you! – bad posture can be the cause of annoying back pain. Of course we don’t want to generalize and we don’t want – with a simple article – to give you absolute indications, because the main advice is always to consult a specialist. However, we can also give you some advice in these pages.

Postural gymnastics is considered a boring activity, suitable for people maybe a little bit old, for children with scoliosis problems or other diseases and in general for people who are not able to perform more performing activities. But maybe today we are finally leaving this thought behind and we are starting to look at this activity with more attention.

The development always makes steps forward and what yesterday seemed of little use today begins to have a greater importance, recognized by all. And also the role of postural gymnastics gains positions on positions, as it is right that it should be, gaining the prestige it deserves.

A strong back, a back to protect

As you can well imagine, having a strong back is essential for posture, and especially for the prevention of trauma as well as for increasing the performance of strength. But what do we mean when we talk about a strong back?

When we talk about a strong back we’re talking about a structure capable of developing the necessary strength – for example – to perform a rather heavy take-off, but at the same time it’s a back that can support our body ensuring a correct posture, in a stationary position or even while walking or performing dynamic activities (such as sports or simple daily work in the house or garden that we are lovingly taking care of).

A strong back, however, must be preserved and cared for with certain attention. And here comes into play the posture gymnastics, necessary to maintain certain balances. Are there exercises that we can do at home to relieve the stress on our back? Of course, there is no doubt. But our advice is always not to do anything self-taught, because to hurt is a moment and we only risk damaging our health.

Consult a specialist: it is the best solution

Consult a specialist and – in addition to checking the health of your back, a check that today, with Spine 3d is completely safe and non-invasive – plan with him the appropriate exercises. Exercises that you can then replicate on your own, but with the knowledge of a valid and safe effectiveness.

Our health also passes from these small attentions.

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